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What we do

The primary focus at HACKS by Innovation Lab is to help you actualize your idea(s), whether it is in a physical form embedded with IT or purely digital! We strive to bring ideas to life, and develop functional prototypes that can be used as a common language to visualise or test ideas, or act as the last iteration before production starts. In addition, we have a passion for building and creating IT powered Interactive Experiences, which is all based on user-driven methods and agile development methods!

Actualize IT?

"Actualize" is a synonym for realize, produce, engineer, etc.
and that is exactly what we do!

We create and bring ideas to life as physical IT products.
We to love to fiddle with all kinds of sensor and new technologies. Wee see their qualities and put them in a relevant context!

What we offer

Keynote about Innovation, Future Technologies, Prototyping, Tailored to your needs


Want to get inspired? Book an inspiring tailored event where we talk about the most trending technologies and topics in close relation to your fields of interest.

Prototype Development Denmark, Innovation, Technologies

Product Vision

Do you want a new take or vision for your products, or do you simply want to generate new ideas? Contact us and let us do it together. We call it "Product Vision", and here we go in and eg. give our vision on how your product(s) could be transformed and embedded with IT, to fit the present and digital future

Concept and Product Development, User Studies, User Experience, Denmark, Innovation, New Technologies

Actualize IT

In the need of a quick prototype, have a cool idea or have you had a "Product Vision" service from us? Then let us bring the idea(s) to life! Through the process we build the idea, embed it with IT, and shapes the product either physical og digital. Bringing ideas to life as a prototype is one of the best ways to see the flaws and challenges of the idea. We call it "Actualize IT".

Workshop about Prototyping, Future Technologies, Hackathon, Innovation


Are you looking for a physical interactive experience? We can help you with that. Wheter it should be placed in your retail space to attract customers, in your foyer/lobby to showcase your organisation, or to create awareness about a topic in the urban environment. We LOVE making things and embed them with IT, so let's create an experience together.

On The House

We are in such a good mood, so we would like to give away some of our thougts for free - yes it is actually free!
Use it as inspiration or let us help you create it. Stay tuned for more content!

Retail Experience Catalogue

Read about interesting and inspiring concepts meant as a tool to give your customers a different experience in your brick and mortar store.

Featured Cases

Here we have listed some of the cases we have worked with or participated in


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